Readers’ wildlife photos

Why Evolution Is True

Reader John Crisp sent a bunch of lovely photos he took in the Masai Mara, Kenya, Africa, including many felids.  John’s information is indented.

A wildebeest for lunch:




The lion and lioness together are in the midst of a long mating session. We watched them for 20 minutes and they mated four times. They will maintain that pace for a week, averaging about every fifteen minutes. This activity weakens the male and makes him more vulnerable to a takeover of the pride by another male, who will then kill any young cubs in the pride. So only the strongest males get to leave progeny and in the end they too will be driven from the pride once they are too old. So, to paraphrase the cliché about politics, all leonine careers end in failure.


Post-coital torpor:







A female leopard:


Female leopards and cheetahs raise their cubs alone. Leopards do pretty well, though their cubs can be vulnerable to lions and…

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