Hermit crab housing swap

Why Evolution Is True

This video, which you can see at Twisted Sifter by clicking the link below (I couldn’t embed it, and the BBC version on YouTube isn’t visible in the US) is right up there with yesterday’s snail-shell-using spider as one of the marvels of nature. In fact, it’s a stunning example of bizarre but orderly animal behavior, and I demand that all readers go see it now (it’s only two minutes long).

The video, shot in Belize, shows what happens when a big empty shell washes ashore and there are hermit crabs around looking for a new home. (They grow throughout their lives and must find new shells when the old ones get too small.) Sometimes fierce competition ensues for good shells, but this video shows a fantastic dominance hierarchy that forms to get every crab a new and bigger shell. A “conga line” of crabs forms, with the biggest at the front and the…

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