In his spare time, a Russian miner takes stunning pictures of foxes

Why Evolution Is True

Bored Panda, which I’m starting to realize is the most aptly named site on the Internet, tells the story of Ivan Kislov, who works as a miner in the remote Russian town of Magadan but spends his spare time photographing local wildlife, and has a special passion for foxes:

When he has time during his long shifts, he looks to photography for “relaxation from routine.” He likes to go on “hikes to inaccessible places, raftings,” or just simple walking tours to “observe the wildlife.

Though he takes pictures of everything from bears and reindeer to wolves and stoats, Kislov says the foxes are often very willing models: “Foxes are curious and can come very close, and I shoot with wide angle and telephoto lenses.

There are more pictures at Bored Panda, and a gazillion great ones on Kislov’s site

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