A Butterfly In Winter

Day by Day the Farm Girl Way...

Old man winter blew through the south amazingly early this year. In fact, we had to batten down the hatches a couple of weeks ago in order to battle the blustery winds and frigid below-freezing temperatures that arrived nearly two months earlier than normal. Back in September and October, FD and I were actually predicting an early arrival of winter’s harsh conditions based on observation of Nature preparing the woodland critters well in advance. Daisy deer’s glossy, thin coat of summer hair, gave way to a thick, coarse pelt in darker winter hues of browns, with a fringe of black on her ears and tail. Her face became fuzzy, and her underbelly grew to a thick padding of white hair. Her girth increased and she seemed robustly prepared for the onslaught of cold temperatures and frozen moisture falling from the skies. Even Punkin and Mr. Gambini, the two orphaned squirrels we are raising, had already developed thick coats of hair and…

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