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Why Evolution Is True

As I am now gone (this post is put up by a loyal minion), I’ll let you entertain each other.  I had one previous open thread, which seemed moderately successful, so let’s try it again. Perhaps readers can describe their Thanksgiving experiences (or dinner!), or anything else that’s on their minds.

Or perhaps you can discuss this short column at the blog Hulabaloo by “Digby” (Heather Digby Parton), claiming that Bill Maher and Sam Harris are “bigots” against Islam. Parton, who also writes for Salon (of course), has won journalistic awards for social-justice writings, raises the usual “Islamophobia” canard, claiming that only a very small proportion of Muslims are terrorists. (That’s true, but is that the only probem with the faith?)

I’m baffled by tendency of liberals to give Islam a pass when they wouldn’t defend Catholicism if Catholics professed the same beliefs as do a substantial proportion of Muslims in many lands

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