Can we cure creationism by teaching the facts?

Why Evolution Is True

Yes, this is a recurring theme on this site, and my answer is “Somewhat, but not fully, for creationism won’t disappear in a big way until religion does.”

My answer is buttressed by a paper that I’d somehow overlooked (reference and free download below). The paper by Eric Plutzer and Michael Berkman is six years old, but I think is still useful given that more recent data gives figures similar to theirs. Their conclusion is simple:

“We show that U.S. public opinion is at odds with the curricula mandated by the nation’s state governments.”

Translation: State school standards usually mandate the teaching of evolution, but Americans resist it because many of them want creationism taught as well. And many Americans think that if you believe in God you can’t accept evolution.

I’ll be brief. First, the BioLogos survey I discussed the other day argues that perhaps the results of the 30-year…

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