Dog walker sued over allegedly ‘ferocious’ dog attack that left three year old with facial scars | Louisiana Record

Dangerous Dogs in the News

The father of a girl who was allegedly bitten in the face by a dog is suing the girl’s mother as well as others over her injuries.

Emmett Pierce, on behalf of his minor daughter, filed suit against Laverne Pitts, Danielle C. Reisgen, Pet Sitter’s Associates LLC, Lisa Strain, Lisa’s Dog Walking Services, Essex Insurance Company and their insurer in the 24th Judicial District Court on Sept. 18.

Pierce contends that on Aug. 20, 2013 Pitts contacted Strain, an employee of Pet Sitter’s Associates, to watch her dog at her residence over a period of time in late September, including a few days when Reisgen would substitute for her. The plaintiff asserts that when Reisgen went to Pitts’ home to become acquainted with the animals she took her two children, including the minor plaintiff. Pierce claims that while in the home his daughter attempted to pet Pitts’ Brittany Spaniel and…

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