The Dog Delusion: Pope Francis proclaims that all animals will go to heaven

Why Evolution Is True

Take heart, you Catholics, for you shall see your beloved dog, cat, hamster or goldfish in heaven again (will they all have wings?). Or so says Pope Francis, who, in his attempt to make the Church look friendlier while retaining its pernicious doctrines, has pronounced that all animals go to heaven.

Or so says an article in The Dodo, referring to an piece on the Italian news site, which has a title even I can understand: “Cani vanno in paradiso? Papa Francesco: c’è aldilà per tutti gli animali.” That article is illustrated with a funny picture:


As The Dodo says:

In his weekly address at the Vatican late last month, Pope Francis issued a remarkable statement that’s sure to come as welcome news to anyone who’s ever lost a beloved pet. According to Francis, the promise of an afterlife applies not only to believers, but to all animals as well.

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