India: Day 1, Noms #2

Why Evolution Is True

I can see that I’m going to have to do a lot of walking to keep off the poundage here. My hosts are making really lovely meals, and Mr. Das has provided mass quantities of sweets. Just before bed, as I’m deeply jet-lagged, I’ll show my dinner and Mr. Das’s postprandial sweets (see two posts back).

Dinner: fish stew, two types of unusual vegetable, raita (yogurt and vegetables), mixed vegetables, and rice:


And a box of confectionary for after dinner: various kinds of barfi (milk and butter fudge), Mysore pak (the dark one, a speciality, and heavy on the ghee), and Turkish delight (not an Indian sweet, but one that is made by Das’s factory). The white barfi at lower right is made with cashews:


Many Westerners don’t like Indian sweets, saying that they are “too sweet.” But I love them, and Mr. Das’s are the finest I’ve had, as…

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