Antibiotics-and health issue

Antibiotics refers to drug or chemical substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria or fungi and finally kill them.

Body is home of 300-1000 species of bacteria and fungi.
Those residing in our gut not only help in digestion but synthesize vitamins,neurotransmitters and moreover maintain the body pH.And this way they play vital role in maintaining and strengthening the immune system of body.

Administration of antibiotics, especially broad spectrum,not only kill the pathogens(disease causing bacteria or fungi)but also the friendly bacteria of our gut.
=leaving our body vulnerable to many disease and attack of Candida.

Candida normally resides in the colon but high dosage of antibiotics lead to imbalance in the natural ratio of friendly bacteria and candida.

Being opportunistic,Candida rapidly proliferate and increase in mass causing havoc in the intestine,in time,the entire body.

So what can you do to repopulate the good bacteria that antibiotics have destroyed?

There are still many ways,you can reload your gut with friendly bacteria and regain the healthy intestinal flora.

1. While,today’s diet is more of sugary processed food,starch,carbohydrates,preservatives,artificial sweetener,color and many more…Note- these food feed candida and ‘bad’ bacteria..and that’s why they should be avoided at all cost.

2.load up your diet with prebiotics,raw green organic vegetables and fruits.
The insoluble fibres in them provide structure to good bacteria to multiply.

=> eat at least a big salad with large varieties of raw vegetables.raw veggies and fruit should comprise 80% of your diet.(more veggies than fruits)

=> and if you have sweet tooth, you can still have healthier varieties of sugar such as agave,Brown rice syrup,fruit juice,honey etc.but they should be avoided while trying to rebuild healthy flora as well.

* prebiotics,the most important step which help to repopulate your gut with good bacteria..prebiotics are food or supplements that contain beneficial bacteria.but not all are same.
Do not eat flavored,sugar filled commercial will do more harm to your gut than good.

* you can also have fermented food.they not only deliver live,beneficial bacteria but also nutrition and enzymes.

Everyone knows the fact that the stomach is a highly acidic section of the whole GIT.SO to ensure that prebiotics passes the stomach acid,you must eat a lot of them.
And note-80% of our immune system is contained within gut and these bacteria your antibiotics killed off are the foundation of immune response.Feed them right and they will help you avoid getting sick in the future.

so remember, prebiotics are the most important.Eat right, load up on healthy greens , veggies and fermented food.Make conscious choices.Your body will thank you.


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