A scar is a fibrous tissue covered by epithelium produced from the healing of a wound.
Injury to the dermis produces a scar,while superficial injuries involving only the epidermis do not produce a scar.
1.It is devoid of hair follicles,sweat glands or pigments.
2.Scars are Permanent.


As they are Permanent,scars cant be erased.but not to worry ,there are few methods to make them disappear:-

They can be erased by excision and skin grafting,or suture of the edges of the excised area and this result in a scar which is less visible.

You may be surprised,but yes scars play important roles in:-

1.Identification of a person.
2.The shape of the scar may indicate the nature of weapon or agent that caused the injury.
3.The age of the scar is important in a criminal offense.

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