Anti-Western German journalist embeds himself with ISIS, discovers that it really is about religion

Why Evolution Is True

HuffPo recounts the tale of Jürgen Todenhöfer, a German journalist who, at great risk to his life, negotiated a ten-day stint traveling with members of ISIS. Todenhöfer’s record of criticizing Western incursions in the Middle East didn’t offer him much protection (the same sentiments were held by other journalists who were beheaded by ISIS), and what was worse is that he also had a record of criticizing the Islamic State. There’s no doubt that this is a brave man, a journalist taking the utmost risks to get his story.

And what story did he get? Well, he underscores what many of us already think: ISIS is a severe danger to the Middle East, possibly the tinder that could start a devastating conflagration.  But, as per his politics, Todenhöfer blames it on George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq:

On his return, [Todenhöfer] issued a stark warning. “From my point of view this is the biggest threat to world…

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