Indian signs

Why Evolution Is True

This is but a small sample of Indian signs that struck my funnybone.  Indian English is often heavily influenced by British usage, for, after all, the British controlled this subcontinent for about two centuries. The effect on language can be hilarious, as in this sign we saw in a small roadside restaurant near Calcutta.

Lodging and fooding

“Fooding” has become a favorite word of mine. I’m going to start saying “it’s time for fooding!” before meals.

I saw the sign below in the Jute Exhibition tent at the annual Poush Mela fair in Santiniketan:


I will never say no to jute again! After all, it is, among all things on Earth, the one gift nature has vouchsafed humanity.

Below is a fairly common sign, which I’m going to place on Da Roolz page. Another English legacy are the signs on some walls that say, “Stick no bills.”


I found the sign below at the entrance of a…

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