More holiday snaps from India

Why Evolution Is True

While sorting and downloading photos, I thought I’d put some spare ones here.

First, noms. A nice thali in Raja’s Cafe, Khajuraho (mutton stew, dal, mixed vegetables, fresh vegetables, rice, and a big plate of tandoori roti (I’m a bread man, although I’ll do with rice). A sweet (fried bananas) and strong South Indian coffee with milk came after:


. . . all washed down with a nice Kingfisher beer, which has the advantage of not only being good, but coming in large bottles.

Kingfisher beer

And a real kingfisher photographed at a nearby lake (the white-throated kingfisherHalcyon smyrnensis, related to but different from the bird on the bottle, the common kingfisher Alcedo atthis):


A blurry mystery bird for readers to identify:

Mystery bird

And another mystery bird:

Mystery bird #2

Mystery plant! What is it?

Plant X

Parrots on a Jain temple, Khajuraho. They were everywhere, often in huge, squawking flocks:



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