Bowerbird cam!

Why Evolution Is True

If you’re aware of the time difference between your country and Australia, and watch at the right time, you can see some really nice courtship behavior of the satin bowerbird (Ptilonorhynchus violaceus). Yes, they’ve set up a bowerbird cam at this site (or click on the screenshot below, thoughtfully provided by reader Diane G., who called all this to my attention):


You can see that the glossy blue-black male has built a nice bower (not a nest) to attract females, and has festooned it with blue objects, many purloined from human habitations. When the drabber female comes by, he often brandishes a nice blue object, and goes nuts running around and making funny noises. It’s a really great way to see sexual selection in action.

If you want to see when it’s daytime in Australia, go to this site, which tells you instantly whether the livecam will…

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