The religious war in Syria and Iraq: a rare conversation between two enemies

Why Evolution Is True

Fortunately, guest posts have on to me today like kibbles from Ceiling Cat. Reader Dermot C sent me a 2.75-minute video this morning (and a transcription), as well as his comments on the mindset of some participants in the ISIS/(Iran + Iraq + US) conflict. With his permission, I reproduce his email (remember that ISIS comprises Sunni Muslims):


by Dermot C.

I thought you might be interested in this remarkable video dating from the 10th March on Iraqi T.V.  It features a 3-minute long conversation on a walkie-talkie between a member of Asa’ib Ahl Al Haq (AAH), the Iranian-backed Shia militia fighting ISIS in Iraq, and a member of ISIS.  The walkie-talkie had been captured from ISIS by AAH.

The video features no atrocity.

The discussion features the AAH militiaman mocking the ISIS rep. and predicting their annihilation.  It demonstrates two things.  There is the central role of the Islamic…

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