Cornell Dean welcomes ISIS to his campus

Why Evolution Is True

This is what seems like a sting operation conducted on a hapless academic administrator, Cornell’s assistant dean for students, Joseph Scaffido. As originally reported by the New York Post, an investigator working for the conservative group Project Veritas posed as a prospective Moroccan student and visited Scaffido, asking if the university would be amenable to having a guest speaker from ISIS, to funding the “freedom fighters”, and, in the end, even running a training camp for students conducted by an ISIS fighter. This was all secretly videotaped. And to all of these suggestions Scaffido said, “No problem,” as you see in the undercover video below.

At first I thought Scaffido was just clueless, not knowing which “freedom fighters” the fake student was mentioning, but later the student mentions the “Islamic state,” so it should have been clear.

This video has raised a considerable ruckus, especially about Scaffido’s comparison of a proposed Cornell terrorist training…

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