Throwback Thursday: Jerusalem’s Dome of Rock Mosque

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 The Dome of RockThe Dome of Rock

Jerusalem is filled with so many beautiful and historic places that after a week of exploring this city, I still hadn’t seen everything I wanted to see. Early morning I met up with one of the other hostel ocupants, the Canadian girl, Bobbi who went with me to the Dome of Rock where Abraham had to sacrifice Isaac. The Muslims built a beautiful mosque covering this rock. The whole mosque is covered in mosaic and the dome is actually covered in gold leaf.

Walking through the Dome complexWalking through the Dome complex

Artist drawing the Dome of Rock!!Artist drawing the Dome of Rock!!

We stood in line for over an hour before finally getting in, you can only enter between 12:30pm and 13:30 and at 13:30 they actually chased us out of the complex.

Until the mid-nineteenth century, non-Muslims were not permitted in the area. Since 1967, non-Muslims have been permitted limited access, however non-Muslims are not…

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