The religious war in Syria and Iraq: a rare conversation between two enemies

Why Evolution Is True

Fortunately, guest posts have on to me today like kibbles from Ceiling Cat. Reader Dermot C sent me a 2.75-minute video this morning (and a transcription), as well as his comments on the mindset of some participants in the ISIS/(Iran + Iraq + US) conflict. With his permission, I reproduce his email (remember that ISIS comprises Sunni Muslims):


by Dermot C.

I thought you might be interested in this remarkable video dating from the 10th March on Iraqi T.V.  It features a 3-minute long conversation on a walkie-talkie between a member of Asa’ib Ahl Al Haq (AAH), the Iranian-backed Shia militia fighting ISIS in Iraq, and a member of ISIS.  The walkie-talkie had been captured from ISIS by AAH.

The video features no atrocity.

The discussion features the AAH militiaman mocking the ISIS rep. and predicting their annihilation.  It demonstrates two things.  There is the central role of the Islamic…

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“Don’t Know Why”

Why Evolution Is True

Norah Jones‘s (b. 1979) real name is Geetali Norah Jones Shankar, and it’s well known that she’s the daughter of sitar virtuoso Ravi Shanker (her mother was Sue Jones). When I first heard this song in 2002, on her Come Away with Me album, I was blown away. It’s a beautiful jazz-infused song, with only five instruments (including her own piano) and a languid delivery that reminds me a bit of Billie Holiday.

Don’t Know Why” was in fact written and first performed by Jesse Harris, but it was Jones who made it a huge hit. It nabbed her three Grammys in 2003: record of the year, song of the year, and best female pop vocal performance. Sadly, although maintaining a respectable performing and recording career, Jones never again rose to the standard of this song. She remains somewhat of a “one hit wonder.”

I’ve listened to this many…

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Beautiful Desserts In India

Beautiful Desserts In India.

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Mirabile dictu: Krauss publishes pro-science and anti-religion piece in The New Yorker

Why Evolution Is True

It’s well known to us New Yorker fans that the magazine doesn’t much countenance criticism of religion. That’s always baffled me since it’s a magazine run by left-leaning New Yorkers. And I wish they’d get with the Zeitgeist: their current avoidance of the issue not only enables superstition, but bucks the tide of increasing secularism in America. There’s a reason for that tide of nonbelief, but the New Yorker stays well away from it.

A welcome exception, though, is a new piece by Lawrence Krauss at the magazine’s online version (why wasn’t it in the paper version?), “Teaching doubt.” They even head the article with this picture:


(Of course, that could simply be a sign about the metaphorical nature of the Bible, but I prefer to construe it as “The Bible is not true!”)

Krauss’s is a short piece, and most readers here have heard the arguments before, but remember…

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Bird call: Falcons nesting in Vodafone masts ruin signal, provider warns

Bird call: Falcons nesting in Vodafone masts ruin signal, provider warns.

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​‘Ebola-proof’ tablet device developed to protect medics from deadly virus

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India home to 18% of world’s raptors

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